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Best Clubs
moderators: admin ,    
3 6
02-02-2006 at 16:02
by grozozo
moderators: admin ,    
3 7
09-06-2004 at 09:09
by B&J
Private Clubs
moderators: admin ,    
The best and worst swinger clubs, post you opinion about any club you have been to.
4 4
04-24-2006 at 10:04
by crystal
moderators: admin ,    
2 4
08-08-2020 at 22:08
by larrypruit
moderators: admin ,    
4 7
09-22-2020 at 10:09
by jorgemendez
Swingers Etiquette
moderators: admin ,    
5 12
10-12-2020 at 05:10
by jorgemendez
Swinger Parties
moderators: admin ,    
Read, post and review swinger parties.
9 10
12-22-2007 at 21:12
by Houseboats
Personal ads
moderators: admin ,    
Read and Post your swingers add for free.
23 35
11-23-2007 at 14:11
by funppl22
moderators: admin ,    
28 50
09-15-2020 at 20:09
by ActionJackson
First time
moderators: admin ,    
Thinking of swinging? Post questions to others about the life style. Look at the pros and cons of swinging for first timers
15 26
07-07-2020 at 15:07
by ableadams
Couples seeking Couples
moderators: admin ,    
7 7
08-11-2006 at 17:08
by couple4fun
moderators: admin ,    
10 23
08-12-2021 at 22:08
by fgdhfght
Sex Advice
moderators: admin ,    
Advice and information about sex; looking for sex advice, post your general sex question here.
36 96
12-15-2022 at 23:12
by allmedscare
Anal Sex
moderators: admin ,    
open discussion about anal sex, sexual acts involving the anus, anal cavity or rectum from rimming to pegging
7 14
07-15-2020 at 02:07
by codybiltmore
Oral Sex
moderators: admin ,    
Open discussion group about Oral sex, aks questions or give your input on oral sex, and the best methods for GREAT oral sex. Also know as Fellatio or Cunnilingus
5 10
08-10-2020 at 17:08
by fathergoose
moderators: admin ,    
Do you have a fetish? Not sure, While some think fetishes are abnormal many are driven by their fetishes, So what is a fetish? Are you obsessively fixated on either an object or a body part?
3 5
08-11-2020 at 15:08
by drmeadowsny
moderators: , admin    
Foreplay is a essential part of the whole sexual experience. Most men and women experienced in sex will agree that the best sexual encounters should include long and sensual foreplay.
2 3
07-13-2020 at 21:07
by softsoap
Orgasm techniques and tricks
There are many ways to orgasm , see what you might be missing including The Full-Body Orgasm
1 1
01-13-2015 at 10:01
by SexDr

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