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Author: SexDr Subject: Cervical Orgasm
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Cervical Orgasm

What's a cervical orgasm?
The cervix is the deep center of the vagina. Physically speaking, this is the gateway of life. When a woman can really open and relax in the cervical area, she can experience the most powerful orgasm of her life.

How does it feel different from other orgasms?
A clitoral orgasm has a definitive build, a clear climax with pelvic contractions, and then a feeling of descent. It's similar to a penile orgasm.

A cervical orgasm is more along the lines of what we call in Tantra a "full-body orgasm," or an expanded orgasm. Meaning, the build is less linear. While there is an increase of pleasure, rather than it being focused in the clitoris, you feel that spread all over your body and then explode into waves you feel from your head to your toes. This can feel like pleasurable tingling and vibrations throughout your whole body and being, and can keep going for hours, as opposed to a clitoral orgasm, which typically lasts for seconds.

The cervix is the reflexology point for the heart. Stimulating it will cause very intense feelings of love and spiritual transcendence. It's like taking the feelings you have when you first fall in love, and multiplying that by 10. Or you know how you feel after you've had a really good cry? Every cell in your being feels cleansed and revitalized. You feel like you are floating and in extreme bliss. The effects of it can last for hours and even days.

Do you achieve cervical orgasm via vaginal penetration?
Yes, that's the best way. Or with a very long, girth-y dildo.

Do you have to be very comfortable with deep penetration in order to achieve cervical orgasm? How do you recommend women become more comfortable with it?
Yes. Women often shy away from the cervix because it can feel painful at first touch. It's best to warm up with some other sexual positions first, and then ease into cervical penetration — which is actually just rubbing up against the cervix. We're not looking to literally open the cervix or enter it. When I say "open," I mean it in the sense of "opening and relaxing" rather than literally prying it open.

Even then, I suggest going slow and really opening and relaxing the cervix as you go. Because it's such an intense and vulnerable experience, it's not likely to happen during casual sex or if you aren't feeling close to your partner. You have to be in a place where you feel very open, safe and relaxed.

Another issue that blocks vaginal/cervical orgasms is having a weak vagina. Most vaginas are very weak! I recommend robust vaginal weight lifting practice to restore sensation and increase articulation and strength. That helps a lot. You could also use a jade egg. A woman in one of my classes used one, and her partner had to tell her to stop because she was getting too tight. After three kids! And it also gave her the ability to "massage" him afterward with her internal muscles.

Is there a way to attempt cervical orgasm without hitting your cervix with the penis/dildo/other penetrative device?
Now I'm at a place where I can have a cervical orgasm from my partner touching my ear or just by hearing his voice — with no physical touch at all.

The factors that lead to cervical orgasm involve far more than just technique. A woman has to feel open, relaxed, and uninhibited with herself and her partner. If there is any kind of unresolved tension in the space — either long-term like sexual abuse, or short-term like an argument with her lover at breakfast — these things will affect her ability to really let go. And the letting go is key.

"Letting go" is pretty intangible for Western science and doesn't show up well in a lab. I'm an extremely orgasmic woman, but I doubt that I could bust one out surrounded by a bunch of men in clipboards!

What are the best sex positions for a cervical orgasm?
Doggy-style is the best. Hands down.

Can all women have a cervical orgasm?
Absolutely. I guarantee it.

The beauty of cervical orgasms is that they are a great barometer. If you are feeling open emotionally to yourself and to your partner, they are much more likely to happen. If you had a fight that morning that you haven't sorted out, or you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, that will show up in bed. And it will block these deeper orgasms.

Orgasms are all about releasing. If you are holding onto something, you won't get there.

I've had women I've worked with go home and have cervical orgasms just because I told them they could. Previously they'd bought into the idea that they were just "one of those women who couldn't."

It's not always that simple, but it can be.
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